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Rental Housing Provider (RHP) Training Program

An in-person cohort-based learning for Investment Property Investors, Landlords, Property Managers and Realtors in Ontario (Canada) across 6 consecutive Saturdays starting January 13, 2024.

Invest in your confidence

Within the Openroom database, there is $35,000,000+ in unpaid debt owed from Tenants to their current, or former, Rental Housing Providers (RHP). If you don’t know the law we can absolutely guarantee, sooner or later, you will become a victim of it.
Close the gaps in your knowledge as an RHP by learning the tools, skills, and laws in Ontario per the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), PIPEDA, and more.

Program Topics

Part 1 - Finding and Analyzing Your Investment Property
  • To be or not to be a landlord ‚Äď the pros and cons
  • Key questions to ask before wasting time touring a property
  • Deeply analyzing a property‚Äôs cash flow potential
  • Understanding true return on, and return of, investment
  • Getting past the financing clause ‚Äď what the lenders demand. Why a multi-millionaire might still not get financing from a mainstream lender.
  • How do you determine what the cap rate should be?
  • Avoiding the house of cards of over-leveraged property
  • Planning for the inevitable increase in interest rate (and consequent equity reduction)
  • Understanding MPAC‚Äôs new multi-res tax assessment methodology and self-compute your anticipated MPAC assessed value
  • Creative alternatives when obstacles arise in traditional financing
Part 2 - Managing Your Property While Increasing Value
  • Analyzing Ontario's new Standard (Form of) Lease and understanding its significant implications on landlording, including guarantors
  • Reviewing the 78 clases Chris uses and which ones were missed or ignored by the Ontario government
  • Dealing with No Smoking policy and by th Ontario government dealing with No Smoking policy and the new cannabis legislation
  • Structuring your digital and paper file folders
  • Acquiring a property is one-fifth of real estate success. Learn about the other four 'Pillars of Landlording' critical success factors.
  • The number one tenant issue for landlords and what to do about it - how to qualify tenants properly or suffer badly
  • Review of the many notable changes to the Residential Tenancies Act throughout 2017
  • LTB ‚Äď Landlord and Tenant Board or ‚ÄėLandlords To Blame‚Äô?
  • Substantially reduce paper handling - collect rents and pay bills digitally (cheques are huge time wasters), tips and tricks for scanning documents and digital file-naming conventions to find anything later
  • Computing resources and tools I use to maintain a fully-functioning one-person operation
  • Set up bank accounts to properly track pre- and after-tax money
  • Which energy conservation initiatives are viable
  • Uncommon methods to increase equity and value
  • Auto-file your emails
  • Setting up your bookkeeping chart of accounts
  • Extracting value to finance the next property
  • Your property‚Äôs website
  • The ‚ÄėAntikythera Principle‚Äô
It's quite simple - At Openroom, we're aiming for a transparent and connected rental ecosystem that appropriately incentivizes responsible members. First and foremost, that starts with building a community of knowledgeable Rental Housing Providers (RHPs).

Meet the Faculty

Take advantage of the holiday special, it's time to treat yourself this year.

Christopher Seepe

Head Instructor
President, Aztech Realty
Chris Seepe is a published author of two books and many articles in mainstream media on landlording, housing affordability, and investing in residential rental real estate. ‚Ä®

Chris is the Past President of the Landlords Association of Durham and retired Commercial Real Estate Broker of Record. He owns and hands-on manages seven small apartment buildings.

In addition, Chris has taught this comprehensive RHP course to hundreds of participants in the past.

Weiting Bollu

Assistant Instructor
Co-Founder, Openroom
After fumbling her way through managing investment properties and losing over $35,000 along the way, Weiting is interested in ensuring others don’t trip on the same deep potholes as she did.

Weiting has served on the Board of Rotary International District 7070 (non-profit) and consulted for various companies such as Genecis (biotech startup funded by Amazon’s Sustainability fund), KioSoft (laundromat financial tech services), and Product Faculty (#1 rated Product Management course). Weiting is a serial entrepreneur, technology product enthusiast, and RHP of 9 family owned units.

You don't know what you don't know

Test your knowledge across these 9 questions tosee if we will be of value to you.
01. True or False? If a tenant has not been seen in the rental unit after eviction order has been granted, you can rent it out right away.

If a tenant has not been seen in the rental unit after an eviction order has been granted but before the sheriff appears to execute it, don't assume that the tenant has returned possession of the unit to you unless you have received the keys or a written notice from the tenant. If you rented it out prematurely or disposed of any item, no matter how trivial its value might be to you, the tenant could still claim they were in possession of the unit and would have moved on the day the sheriff arrived. You could be required to compensate the evicted tenant.

02. True or False? The Tenants pay the property tax.

Tenants pay the property tax, not housing providers. Housing providers collect the tax on behalf of the tenant and remit it to the government in much the same way as retailers collect HST on the sale of goods and services to the end customer.

03. How much does your property value decrease per $100 increase in operating expenses? Assume a 5% cap rate.

Each $100 increase per year in any operating expense reduces your property value by $2,000 (at a 5% cap rate). You lose $20 for each dollar you didn't increase your rent. For example, in a four-plex renting out at $1,200/month each = $57,600/year x lost 2% annual rent increase = $1,152 = $23,040 lost property value.

04. For every heating degree increase above 21.7 Celsius, how much more will it cost you?

It costs 7% to 10% more for EACH DEGREE above 71 degrees F (21.7 degrees Celsius). Heating an apartment to 76 F versus 71 F can cost 50% more!

05. How might you be able to garnish someone on social assistance?

You can't garnish social assistance income but you might be able to garnish the bank account it was deposited into.

06. Can a previous landlord give a bad reference to the new landlord?

A previous landlord can't give a bad reference to a new landlord unless the new landlord has written permission from the tenant to contact the previous landlord. PIPEDA legislation states that you can't "shame" a tenant no matter how bad their behaviour was, how much damage they did, or how much rent they didn't pay.

07. Can you go after the guarantor if there's non-payment in rent?

A guarantor is not a tenant. You can't get an LTB judgement without a debtor's name and you can't put a guarantor's name on an LTB order. The case of Kar v. Chung [2001] established that a landlord won't receive an LTB order against a guarantor for unpaid rent even if the lease was drafted to make it appear that the guarantor was a tenant.

08. After issuing an N12 form, how much money do you have to compensate the tenants?

If a tenant refuses to move out after a housing provider properly delivers the N12 form, the housing provider must still pay the one-month rent compensation to the tenant before the tenancy termination date or the LTB will dismiss the case and you will have to re-start the entire process from the beginning.

09. How much will it cost to cleanup an unattended death?

Are you properly insuring your investment against catastrophic events and have the right coverage? For example, cleanup of an unattended death could cost you $25,000 to $50,000 if your insurance doesn't include this uncommon 'peril'.

Were your answers all correct ?

You don't have to tell us. Maybe you got it all or maybe you got none of it. It's okay!

Program Fee

Take advantage of the holiday special, it's time to treat yourself this year.


In-Person, Toronto
green checkmark inside green circle
36+ hours of instruction over 6 consecutive Saturdays
(excluding holidays)
green checkmark inside green circle
50+ business templates and
spreadsheet calculators, to help you make decisions.
green checkmark inside green circle
78 Lease Clauses to add to the Standard Lease
green checkmark inside green circle
RHP Certificate of completion
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Office hours before and after sessions
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Bonus: Training program Facebook community
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Bonus: 45-minute coaching with a Paralegal
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Bonus: Training program Facebook community
green checkmark inside green circle
Bonus: Catered lunches to each in-person session
green checkmark inside green circle
Bonus: 1 year access to Openroom software services
green checkmark inside green circle
Satisfaction guarantee or your money back (FAQ #06)

What People Say About Us

Trust others who trust us - we only deliver the best over the years.
“Chris Seepe's class should be prerequisite learning for anyone considering multiresidential real estate investment in Ontario. The classes were well-paced, well-taught and full of valuable information and knowledge. The handouts are some of the most analytical and thorough tools I've ever seen. The handouts are some of the most analytical and thorough tools I've ever seen. They helped me tremendously in my purchase of an apartment building in Ontario. I recommend this course 100%!"
Jing Wang, Property Owner
Richmond Hill, Ontario
April 14, 2018
I want to send a note to thank you for offering an incredible 'Wow!' experience. Since attending your course, I have saved 1,000's of dollars on dealing with bad tenants. My only regret is that I didn't find out about this course sooner! It would of saved me possibly tens of thousands! Your view on how to be a landlord, and your experiences are priceless.  Your course is a 'must attend!' Way undervalued!! Oh, and a lot of fun!!! I recommend it to anyone interested in residential rental property investing"
Jim Mulholland, Landlord
Stouffville, Ontario
June 09, 2019
"I just finished Chris’s spring 2019 course. As an experienced landlord I found [the course] very informative and full of practical tips. You never know it all. Chris was a very good instructor, and kept things interesting. I have been interested in multifamily rentals but was not sure where I should start. This course has given me years of tips and advice, and an excellent analysis worksheet, as well as valuable knowledge going forward on what I should look for when shopping for a multifamily unit in the near future. One of the best courses I have taken and money well spent."
David H, Property Owner
Durham, Ontario
March 15, 2019
"I learned about this course via a good friend of mine from BJJ class, who has 20+ properties. I am very skeptical of courses and education in general, but after a quick call with Chris, I instantly knew Chris is very passionate about teaching and he really knows his stuff since I am already a RE investor with a couple of properties. During the course, I never knew I had the ability to pay this much attention in a class!!! Let me give you some context of how interesting and useful the course was:  I am a milliannial and normally I have totouch my phone every few minutes, but the class was so interesting and jam packed with useful info that I didn’t touch my phone the whole day!!! In addition, the various documents provided (especially the [standard rental agreement] ) is worth the cost of the whole course already. I truly enjoyed the course and learned a lot, thank you Chris for sharing your knowledge and experiences."
Kalvin, Real Estate Investor
North York, Ontario
April 19, 2019
"If anyone would like to know the what, when, who,where,why and how to become a landlord and perform as a landlord,this course is a must, with complete guidelines for those seeking help. The contents are normally NOT found in the conventional documents or available in books but can only be learnt from this Guru of Landlording."
Rashed Butt, Realtor
Mississauga, Ontario
June 12, 2016
"One single class was worth the price of admission. My expectations were exceeded by the end of the first class. ¬†Before then, I didn‚Äôt even know, what I didn‚Äôt know! ¬†Chris‚Äôs book ‚ÄúLandlording in Ontario‚ÄĚ has become my bible for multi-family real estate investing. ¬†Chris‚Äôs course and book provided the knowledge to help me make an informed decision and the confidence to proceed down the multi-family investing path. ¬†Thank you Chris! "
Paul Vella
Toronto, Ontario
July 09, 2020
“This is an excellent course for anylandlords-tobe, commercial and residential real estate practitioners, and anyone with money to invest in real estate. The topics discussed are in-depth, relevant, and covers all the 'what if' scenarios a landlord, property manager, or real estate agent may encounter when dealing with a tenant and an investment property. When it comes to sharing his personal experiences in his landlording career, Chris doesn't hold back. His anecdotes are memorable and smart, and could really save you money and perhaps your skin too. I thoroughly enjoyed the course: great content, experienced and candid instructor, enlightening group discussions, & spreadsheets!"
William Cheng, Realtor
Markham, Ontario
June 24, 2021
I never knew what I wanted to do after retirement, having worked in the insurance industry most of my life. Investing in a residential income investment property had crossed my mind but I was not convinced.  I decided to register for Chris's 36 hour landlording course. I had no idea what to to expect. The first day of class was an eye-opener,  I learned a  lot in just the first day. I never realized residential rental property owners have to pay such close attention to the different types of laws, guidelines and processes. Chris has a unique style in teaching. He's brilliant, engaging, and humorous. I especially appreciated the team interaction and classmate discussions about the different types of  problems they are experiencing with tenants, the law, the LTB etc. Chris answered each question and showed examples on how he handled different types of situations. I truly appreciate Chris sharing his experiences and knowledge. He's definitely a no 'fluff' kind of guy. I'd recommend this course to anyone thinking about or already involved in residential rental properties of every size and description."
Ruby S. Real Estate Investor
Vaughan, Ontario
March 01, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a million choices. We seriously hope you choose us.
01. Who should apply for the program?

There are very specific group of individuals whom this course would be best for. We go through some beginner topics and then dive extremely deep into advanced topics. Coming out of this program, you will be confident that you are making informed decisions on your rental business.

  • You are brand new Rental Housing Provider (aka Landlord) and you want to know everything there is to know. And darn, we'll make sure you walk away with things you didn't think you need to know. The tips, the tricks, and the TMI.
  • You're thinking about getting into the real estate rental business to earn "passive" income. We are the first to tell you that it's NOT¬†PASSIVE¬†but it CAN¬†BE EASIER.
  • You are an existing Rental Housing Provider (aka Landlord). You have either been burned by an uncooperative Tenant or non-paying Tenant and you are scared out of your f***en mind to rent again.
  • You want to get out of this business once and for all - but maybe you are missing something and want to quadruple check before pulling the plug.
  • You are an existing Real Estate Agent or Broker or Property Manager and want to level up your game.

We're so confident that you will learn something new that we're willing to give you a refund after Class 1 if you aren't satisfied.

02. When are the sessions?

Session 1: Saturday, January 13, 2024
Session 2: Saturday, January 20, 2024
Session 3: Saturday, January 27, 2024
Session 4: Saturday, February 3, 2024
Session 5: Saturday, February 10, 2024
-Skip Family Day Long Weekend-
Session 6: Saturday, February 24, 2024

Each day runs from 9:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST with a 12:00 PM EST lunch inbetween.

03. What happens if I miss a session or can't attend all of the sessions?

If you miss a Session, there are recordings from past Sessions we conducted that you can use to catch up.

04. Where are the classes being taught?

The program is being taught at the Centre for Security Management and Training located at:
‚Äć1527 Warden Avenue
Toronto, ON
M1R 4Z8

The major intersection is Warden and Ellesmere.

05. Is there free parking onsite?

Parking is free at the facility.

06. How does the satisfaction guarantee refund work?

We are very confident you will find it worth your time. However, if not, all participants can take the first session to see how they like the teaching style, classmates, and content taught. Should you be unhappy with anything, you have 7 days after first class to request for a refund. To do so, you can contact us at hello@openroom.ca and express your interest for a refund.

07. BONUS: How does the 45-minute coaching with an expert paralegal work?

In this cohort, all participants have an optional 45-minute coaching session with our paralegal partner, Jordan Nieuwhof CEO of Legal Enforcements within 6 months of the program's start date. Jordan specializes in the Landlord and Tenant Board matters and his clientelle consists 95% of Rental Housing Providers with a small minority being Tenants when there is clear wrongdoing from the Rental Housing Provider.

How you can use Jordan's team:
- Issuance of notices such as nonpayment of rent
- Garnishment of wages
- Filing for small claims court
- Introduction to have a paralegal in your back pocket when you need them

08. BONUS: What is the community?

All participants are part of a Facebook group whereby the instructors will monitor on the weekly. This is an intimate and closed group of like-minded individuals who are working towards a responsible rental business future. Instructors are monitoring the chats every single week and will answer questions throughout the weeks. This will be indefinite because the community does not close down after the program ends.

09. BONUS: What is the 1-year Openroom software entail?

We're glad you asked. As of November 2023, you are witnessing a small startup come to fruition. We have a roadmap of solutions to solve the most pressing problems that we feel can be solved by software.

Some of the value-added services which you will receive for free throughout the 2024 year are: rent reporting, unlimited searches, generation of leases, generation of notices, small claims court filing, and more. You will be the first to know when we launch because you'll be the first ones to access it before anyone else.

10. BONUS: How does the catered lunch work?

We work with a Toronto company called ZipLunch who provides the lunches for all individuals present for the training program. Your dietary restrictions and/or preferences will be noted. We have used ZipLunch in the past and they never fail to satisfy. Should you wish to bring your own or opt out, it is up to you. It is included in the overall fee.

11. Why can't it be free?

If you're looking for the best, this is it. Chris has worked for over 40 years to accumulate the expertise he is teaching. Weiting is bringing forth all of the logistics around this course. We have put together an extremely high quality program that we are proud of. In fact, this discounted price isn't going to last forever. Prices are expected to go up for further cohorts.

12. How do I pay?

Payment can be done through wire transfer or e-transfer to Openroom after you are accepted. You will receive more details on the program including how to pay and what else to expect from our team within 24 hours of applying or speaking with our team. All participants will receive an invoice for tax filing purposes on for your rental business.

Ready to invest in yourself ?

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